Black Dog Hill the award winning English sparkling wine of choice on board discerning superyachts is set to have a good harvest as grape picking gets underway

At the Vineyard in Sussex, they have completed picking the Pinot Noir grapes and the pickers are taking a well-earned rest before starting to harvest the Chardonnay.

The Pinot Noir grapes are, it seems, excellent. Potential alcohol is the best the vineyard has seen since 2011 and sugars and acidity are at ideal levels.

With luck, this will mean a superb quality vintage.

The downside is a low yield. Quantity is down and Chief Stewardesses will have to be quick to secure wines for their yachts.

Vineyard owner Jim Nolan says, “We will have exact numbers later. This has happened right across Sussex. I have spoken to other vineyards and we have actually faired better than most. Poor weather during flowering and hard attack by birds and beasts have combined. However, if we create the wine I think we will this is not such a problem.”

Original article posted on The Howorths